Monday, March 9, 2015

Where Once There Were TWO...Now there are THREE!!

(Into each day must fall a little rain....not a great week. Looks like Elder Campbell has some life lessons to learn. I'm certainly grateful for kind people in our lives to help us in hard times.)

Mother and Father,

   Well, this week has bordered on insane. I've been taking an elder in our district to counseling the past few weeks, but on Tuesday, while I was with him, he had a huge mental breakdown and all sorts of horrible things happened. Turns out he really needed to go home and get some help, so that is exactly what happened. The result? His companion, Elder Sharp, is now my companion as well. Elder Blue insists that we call it a tri-pan, but that's not a real word, so as usual, it really bothers me. To boot, we are now the missionaries over two wards, which makes for a lot of work! Okay, I'm now going to break the rules and say some negative things, but I really need to vent to someone. (I'm not going to share his venting...needless to say, it's not always fun being a missionary!!)
   Anywho, we are now a companionship serving over two wards, and it makes things very difficult. We had to completely overhaul our dinner calendar, and have to figure out how to go to two appointments at the same time in several situations. In the midst of this insane week I received a package from someone I do not know from Arizona. Inside was a wonderful letter and a USB stick that probably saved my life. When I got it, I shouted for joy and plugged it into our car and turned the volume up. My companions don't like it but I don't care because the music is so beautiful. I didn't realize how big a part of my spiritual identity this music was. Many months of cheesy EFY songs and questionable Lindsey Stirling albums made me yearn for this. I'm going to send her an email because she doesn't know how happy this makes me. (Last week in his email he asked for a USB stick with music he yearned for. I didn't know how to do it, so I posted the request on my Missionary Mommas website. Immediately, a sweet sister from AZ said she'd already downloaded a bunch of music and needed his address to send it to him. So I sent her his address and he got that package EXACTLY when he needed it. She said she received an email from him and the subject line said, "You saved my life!" Oh, my dramatic Andrew!)
   We had a few fun mission experiences this week. Rayann gave us a referral for her now-estranged friend who works at The Waffle House. We went there Saturday night and got some delicious waffles, but her friend wasn't working that night. We will find her though. We also got a call from a brother in the Nelson Farm Ward (my new ward), who said his neighbor needed a blessing. It turned into a sweet experience in which she bore all of her problems to us, and even though I can tell she normally wants nothing to do with the church, her life has completely fallen apart, and she is flailing, looking desperately for a helping hand. So, she has invited us for muffins on Wednesday and we're going to teach a lesson. (Glad there are a few good things!)
 We have not even come close to meeting everyone in the ward, mostly due to the reasons stated above, but were are still trying our best. Michael, our investigator who we had thought was dropped, contacted us and we had a really excellent lesson. He loves the church so much. His Conservative Jewish upbringing has lead him to have doctrinal disagreements, but he wants to believe and join so badly. I love him so much. I had best be going, but thanks for the emailing me every week. I like getting nice things to read. Keep checking my email for BYU notifications. It's about that time. (Unfortunately, I have bad news for him. I found out today he did NOT get into the School of Music (again!). I'm not sure how to tell him. Boo! I'm sure he'll just keep trying. He's a dedicated young man. Keep him in your prayers, please.)

Elder Andrew Campbell
Oh yeah, this week was so crazy that I never even got an opportunity to take a picture. Please forgive me! (You are forgiven!!)

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