Monday, March 23, 2015

Horsetooth Mountain and Marching to the MoTab!

(I was happy to see some happiness in this week's email--although NO pictures. His batteries had died. So much depends on the people you are around. I'm so grateful he has wonderful zone leaders.)

Mother and Father,

   I don't know why, but your message made me really joyful today. My companions went to the temple on Friday, so they had to forfeit their Preparation Day today. As a result, I get to spend the day with our lovely zone leaders, Elder Carlson and Elder Winter. I seriously love spending time with these elders. I got to spend Friday with them as well, and it just makes me so happy. We're planning on hiking Horsetooth (here's a link: today and I'm really excited. My camera ran out of battery, but I'll be sure to get them to take a lot of pictures. (He'd better get batteries!!)
   In my first few weeks here, we helped a less-active member named Brother B. He was a nuclear scientist, and he's working on his PhD in Computer Science. We talked a lot, and he really liked me. He makes motorized bicycles for a living, and he has a lot of nice bicycles laying around. His wife is too ill to ride hers anymore, so he gave it to me. It's a nice bike, so it has potential of coming home with me. (I wondered where he'd gotten the bike he rode last week that got a flat tire. NICE!)
   Michael told us that he was disgusted with the church, and that we should only meet again if we were ready to have our faith shaken by what he had to share with us. I showed up and Brother L. had been there talking to him for a while. He readily accepted what we had to share, and his only worry was that the church is too sanctified and he isn't worthy to join. He sent us a message yesterday that he'd decided to not get baptized. I can't say that I understand his actions, but he will come around eventually. (I'll keep praying for him.)
    We too have an investigator whose main problem is the Word of Wisdom. His name is Ron, and he has a hard time getting the drive to do anything, especially to stop smoking. It's hard for me to understand because it's the complete opposite of how I do things, but whether I like it or not, it's still a present problem. This is why we have the Atonement. (Yes, and thank goodness for that!)
    This whole transfer, it seems that everyone has been poised for what comes next transfer. Almost like this transfer was a stop-over, and we're just waiting for the next one. Probably not the most effective way to be a missionary. In truth, I think I'm going to be a trainer. The new missionaries have a lot of garbage thrown their way, and I think that I can help them to be actual missionaries. (It will be fun to see if he goes anywhere new and who his companion will be!)
     I have a ton of money on my Missionary Support Fund card because you taught me how to live frugally. (YEAH...nice to hear I taught him something useful!)  I'm seriously worried for how some of these missionaries are going to live their lives if they keep up these spending habits. It's really frightening. (I would guess they'll live their lives in debt. Scary!) The tithing slip has been delivered to Sister U. Sister L. says she hopes I realize how much I am loved by her family. I certainly love her family. Molly is too kind. I remember working with her very fondly; what a beautiful voice. I'm excited for her, and I would love to work with her again. It's good to know that some opportunities will be waiting for me.
    (I sent him Peter's story about his hurt back.) Peter is my hero. I would probably have given up if I were in his situation, or at least used it as an excuse to sleep in for longer. Which reminds me! In our Adjusting to Missionary Life booklet, it suggests that if you have a hard time getting up and exercising in the morning (i.e.ME!), you should get up and march around to approved music. Needless to say, the book gets a lot of ridicule from the missionaries. This morning however, Elder Winter jumped out of bed and started marching. No matter how ridiculous it was, we all started marching to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. It was more fun than it should have been, and the downstairs neighbors probably hate us. Elder Winter is a hero of mine. He's incredibly talented, and plans on studying Music Production at UVU. We've made plans to make some post-rock music after our missions. More than likely he's going to be called to become AP this week. He will be the best Assistant the President has ever had. (I think Elder Winter is my hero, too! I would love to have been a fly on that apartment's wall seeing them marching to Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Maybe that's what I should start doing! I can march!!)
   Well, I had better get going, but I love you very much and will do better to pray for you this week.


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