Monday, June 15, 2015

$5 Papa Murphy Pizza...Life is GOOD!

(We have been vacationing in the Washington DC and now we are in North I've given him our day by day itinerary. Not very spiritual, I realize, but it's what's going on in our lives right now. Here's Elder Campbell's life this past week....)

Good morning Mom and Dad,

   That's a very exciting email you sent me. It sounds like you've had a very full week. I, personally, had quite the stressful week. A lot of crazy stuff that is going to have to remain anonymous. (Why did he even have to say this in his email???? I would rather not know anything!!) I do have some good things to highlight, however!

  A recent convert from the Boulder Ward wanted to go do work with some elders because his ward is served by sisters, so he spent Wednesday with us, and we taught 3 lessons with him. One was a lesson with V, who, after some time spent reading, believes that the Book of Mormon is a true book. The only roadblock to her conversion is that she is an "all roads lead to heaven" kind of person, so she doesn't feel a strong need to adhere to a true book. She does, however, regard our lessons as spiritual experiences, and comments on the spirit that we, the elders, carry. This week we're extending the invitation to sacrament meeting, so here goes nothing.

  This week we had zone conference! The main theme was on the spirit of the Sabbath and church attendance. I slept through the first two hours, but after lunch I learned a lot! (Glad he got his nap in!!) We had a section on progressing investigators and effective ways to use our iPads. We should be getting the new planning app this week! At least I hope so, haha.

  We had a lesson with Brother M on Saturday, which went wonderfully. We challenged him to come to Sacrament meeting, which he refused. I had already read ahead in the scriptures we were reading and knew what he needed to hear, and read to him e section of Alma 32 on faith being an experiment, and like unto planting a seed. It moved him incredibly, and he has made the verbal commitment to be in church by the end of July.

   Our dinner appointment yesterday was a picnic at Purple Park in Superior, which was super fun, we also had stake priesthood meeting, which was a good meeting. We also had a sealing reception yesterday for the Swarr family. They were married several years ago in a New Jersey courthouse, and have now been sealed in the Denver Temple. In other words, too much cake to be had in one day. Luckily I skipped lunch because we were so busy.

  Have a safe trip to Provo, and then Lodi!


Elder Andrew Campbell

Oh yeah, I was also made aware this week of Papa Murphy's $5 Faves menu. You can get a large pepperoni pizza for $5 dollars. It is a beautiful thing. (Thank you Papa Murphy!!)
Okay, so my iPad has this thing called Photo Booth that takes really silly, warped pictures. I'm going to send you some, and one regular one. (They really are ridiculous...but I will share them.)


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