Monday, June 22, 2015

Orange Chicken and Family Board Games!

(Since it's transfer week...I might have my weeks numbered wrong. It certainly wouldn't surprise me! Sounds like he's moving right along as a good missionary.  This week our letter was written by everyone since we were in Provo and BJ, Michele and Peter were all there. I didn't think about it making our missionary homesick. Oops! I'm sure he'll be fine!)

Mother and Father,

   To be honest, I probably don't have to tell you about transfers, since Sister M probably already told you, but I'll do it anyway. (Sis. M  did NOT spill the I'm glad he shared, especially since I thought transfers were in another week.) Elder P is leaving to Laramie, and I am staying and serving as a district leader. (Wahoo!) My new companion will be Elder N. No one has heard of him, so we think he came from Casper or Riverton. (It'll be fun to find out more about Elder N!!) What else? My new Zone Leader will be none other than Elder M. I am so excited for my best friend to be my zone leader. (I'm so excited too! We LOVE Elder M.)
   This week has been full of so many completely random things that I don't even know where to begin. We brought the S family to our lesson with V, and it went very well. We're just trying to get her to read more of the Book of Mormon. Brother M is progressing amazingly. He's getting excited to come back to church. (I wonder how you pronounce his last name?)  Last night, the tunnel we take to get back to our house was closed for a 45 minute delay. Elder P said he knew a back road, so we took it! The next hour or so was the most intense driving of my life. We're talking sharp switchbacks, very steep dirt roads and driving on top of the world. We saw a fox and a deer eating a flower and a beautiful view of the Boulder city lights. It took us about the same amount of time to get home as if we stayed in the line, but we can say we had a
lot more fun than anyone who sat there for 45 minutes. (More fun than our 2 hour wait today on I-80 due to a semi truck that burned up!)
   I loved getting a paragraph from everyone. It looks like BJ is really, super happy to be graduated. Now he's becoming a real adult with a real job. I heard that their apartment is jungle themed. That sounds amazing, to say the least. (They live in a Momba unit. There's an elephant at the front entrance.)  It took me a while to get the real meaning of your statement on the 7 billion ways to do missionary work. Very clever. I'm still working on figuring out how to do missionary work in one way though. I guess it comes down to the statement, "teach people, not lessons".

   Reading about orange chicken and board games with the family made me a little homesick, but I'm fine. Even though I'm regularly faced with things I wouldn't normally want to deal with, going through these trials has made me so much stronger. I feel ready to be a district leader, to be honest. Not to blow my own horn, but I feel a lot tougher whereas I used to be quite fragile. I guess the point I'm trying to make is that being with my family is certainly a lot of fun, but my mission is so important to me. I like being a missionary! (That's good to hear!)
   (Looks like he spaced Father's Day!) Oh, my goodness, I didn't even take the time to write Dad a letter this week. I love you Dad, you have done a lot for me. I want to apologize for dragging my feet on so much stuff when I was younger. You were trying to teach me the things that really matter, and I'm finally starting to understand.

   I love you all and now I'm hungry for orange chicken.

Love again,

Elder Andrew Campbell

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