Monday, June 8, 2015

Oh, you guys are LDS? I prefer LSD personally!

Mother and Father,

   I would start this message by saying that I gave Michele's scriptures to my good friend Jeff, and asked him to deliver the scriptures to Michele. He just lived across the street from them. (When Andrew entered the MTC he left his messenger bag at the airport. So, Michele, kindly gave him her scriptures to use until he got his back.Looks like we have a slight problem.) 

cabin in the mountains is awesome. I wake up to some beautiful sights, and the drive to town everyday is so gorgeous. (I asked him about wild animals.) The only wild animal I've been told to watch for is mice, though wild bears are known to walk through Boulder City proper. I see families of deer chilling in the middle of the city sometimes. Brother Wolcott actually has wifi,
so I'm writing from our cabin.

I've heard about a crazy Colorado Killer, but President has not talked to us about it. (I was concerned about tornadoes and shooters!)

Okay, that was weird. I accidentally sent the email prematurely. So, the Boulder Creek is running at a very high capacity, and people are worried about another big flood in Boulder. The weather has been quite insane, but I've gotten quite good at driving in a lot of bad weather. We went hiking on Brother Wolcott's property this morning, and sawsome pretty sights. I have some pictures on the way.

I got the packages, and they both made me very happy. Healthy food is the way to
go. When I go grocery shopping today, I plan on getting some healthy food, like oatmeal and almond butter.

   So my favorite thing about Boulder is the tracting. Anything weird is cool in Boulder, and the church is considered weird by many factors. So, we get a lot of lessons in via tracting. We have an investigator named Valerie who just moved here. She came to Boulder so she could be close to a group of people following a man who claims to have restored prophecy to the Earth. We told her that the keys of prophecy were restored 175 years ago, and she is willing to hear us out. At the same time, some people want to bash, like anywhere else. Their presentation is more sophisticated, but the arguments are not.

The Portugese Book of Mormon has not been delivered to us quite yet,but we still have some time. The Brazilian investigators did not come to church because they were sick. However, two men from Brazil who are on a business trip came to church. One came up and bore his testimony directly to the other man, his friend who is not a member of the church, and it was quite powerful. I've heard that Costa Vida is good, but I don't know if it's Cafe Rio good. This week I discovered that there is a Cafe Rio in Westminster, just on the wrong side of the mission boundary...okay, I'm going to work on getting some pictures sent to you.


Elder Andrew Campbell

PS. My favorite quote in Boulder so far, "Oh, you guys are LDS? I prefer LSD personally."
The pictures are from above the cabin....look down and you can see the cabin. The glasses are called "BYU Sports Nation Blue Goggles" sent to Elder Campbell from his brother, Peter.

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