Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Beautiful Boulder, Colorado!!

(I can't believe what a beautiful place Elder Campbell has the privilege of serving. I'll attach the fun pictures he sent. I'll also include one I received from Kyla Cleverly. She was a sister missionary here in Lodi, CA. She is from Fort Collins, CO and she helped serve lunch at the mission conference he talks about. YEAH!!)

Mother and Father,

   Sorry for not writing yesterday. We had a mission conference with Elder Zeballos of the Seventy, so our preparation day was moved. We just got back from an adventure in the woods. We lost the trail going down the mountain and ended up getting super lost. I have some pictures for you.
   This week, Elder Pratt challenged me to say only prayers for others, not a single one for myself. It has done wonders for changing my attitude. We've both made leaps and bounds in becoming more unified. I'm still having trouble with optimism. Everyone is really nice here in the ward though!
  This week we taught Austin and Leah. They both accepted the challenge to read and pray over the Book of Mormon. We just need to follow-up with them. We have scheduled lessons with Scott and Austin this week. Charles informed us that he's decided to keep going to the LDS church in Longmont. It's such a good, yet frustrating situation!
   Yesterday we decided to walk the half-mile to dinner instead of drive. A woman drove up to us and asked if we were Mormons. She said she was so happy to see us because she had been looking all over for us. She had a friend read the Book of Mormon to her once, and he told her that she needed to find the Mormons and go to church with them. We gave her our number, the address to the building, and a Book of Mormon. We were so grateful that we made the decision to walk.
Elder Andrew Campbell


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