Monday, August 10, 2015

Maintenance Light is on!!!

(Looks like things improved since last week. YEAH! And he got his new money card. Wahoo!!)

Mother and Father,

  We found 3 new investigators this week. The first was a woman named Leah who we tracked into a long time ago, but finally got a return appointment with. She has good LDS friends, which has drawn her interest in the church. The next is Alex, a fifteen year-old who we saw outside jumping rope. We taught him the restoration and went back with a youth in the ward and taught the Plan of Salvation. He says he really likes the Book of Mormon. Lastly, the zone leaders referred us to a man named Scott who they met while getting their truck serviced. We taught him the message of the restoration, and he was excited to read the Book of Mormon. We tripled our lesson count from last week and got 15 total lessons.
  ( I wondered about their car. Where do they park it? How often do they wash it or service it? Such exciting questions!)  We have neither a street or a garage to park our car. We park on a dirt road! We should probably get a car wash today. It has to be paid for with our MSF, which I got my new card for! We should also get it serviced, since our maintenance required light is on. (Hmmm....maybe a good idea!)
   (I finally sent him pictures of our new roof and paint job on our house. It's only been 22 years! HA!) The house looks beautiful. It honestly does look like a different house. I'm so happy that you got what you wanted!
   (Wondered about the weather.) We were having daily thunderstorms for a while, but it's stopped for the time being. To answer your questions about Longmont, it's about 10 miles away, give or take a few. Charles is an electrician and is in his 50s. We weren't able to talk to him this week. Hopefully we can catch him next week.(That's the man he was talking about last week.)
  Our ward mission leader is a bold man, and he challenged the ward council to come next time ready to draft a new ward mission plan, and one that actually works this time. Well, I'd better go, but have a lovely week everyone.

Elder Andrew Campbell

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