Monday, August 17, 2015

Drama and Flonase!

(Companionship drama...when will it end? Looking up Flonase on Free shipping when you order $35 worth of merchandise.)

Mother and Father,

   This week was a slow one. We had some success but it was marred by companionship drama. When do I get to be a normal missionary? (We're talking Andrew here...I'm not sure normal and Andrew go together!) I went on an exchange with my zone leader Elder Pratt. He is seriously the perfect missionary. It was both inspiring and distressing seeing how excellent he is. I'm predicting that he will be AP (Assistant to the President) in a few transfers. It was funny being in a YSA (Young Single Adult) ward. Their problems are so different. We had a lesson with some recent converts that felt more like relationship counseling, then we went and taught a lesson to a drug dealer. I give him a lot of props because he really wants to turn his life around.
   (We'd heard there was such a big hail storm that the snow plows had to come out to clean the streets.) Boulder hasn't had any hail for a couple months, so I can't say that is a true story.
    (BJ, Michele and Peter went to the Salt Lake County Fair. Michele had never gone to a fair before. I asked Elder Campbell if there were any festivals in Boulder.) Boulder just had a big Ironman Race, and they have a gigantic Farmer's Market. We also have Pearl Street, which is a 24/7 festival. I can't say that I've seen any other festivals though.
   (A good friend of our sons got married. I wondered if he knew about it.) I knew about Marcus's wedding because we had an intern in our ward named Andrew Stockton who was working at Google. He was one of Marcus's companions on his mission. We had dinner with them and he told me about the wedding. (Small world!)
   (I told him about the fair food everyone ate at the County Fair. BJ had a cheeseburger with grilled cheese sandwiches for buns.) BJ's burger sounds like a dream come true. I've been doing a lot of stress eating, as you can tell. Elder Pratt convinced me to go buy protein powder today. He explained to me how my workouts are going to be much more effective with a protein supplement, and he is the fitness king. I also started a new allergy medicine this week. It's
called Flonase, and I love it. It's been years since I had sinuses this clear. The sad thing is it's kind of expensive. If you could help me out by sending me one of the big containers, which you can get at Walmart, that would be so great. (Found it on YEAH!)
   Charles said he plans on coming to church in Boulder this week. Let's pray that he does.
PS: The zone leaders just had a talk with us. I think things will get better if we take what they said to heart. (I certainly hope so...I don't handle drama very well!)


Elder Andrew Campbell

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