Monday, August 31, 2015

Plan of Salvation and Protein Shakes

(Looks like a good week....YAY!!!!)

Mother and Father,

   This week we had investigator lessons with Austin and Scott. Neither of them understood the necessity of reading the Book of Mormon and praying, but I think they do now. Scott even told us that after told him the Plan of Salvation, it was the best thing he had heard from any religion, and that he really wants to come to feel the way we feel about it. We taught the Plan of Salvation both times, and Elder Nielson is a hero. He was raised an atheist before he joined the church, and the Plan of Salvation is very important to him. The spirit was very strong as he testified of the truth of it. (Go Elder Nielson!)
   Our mission experienced a problem similar to the Modesto mission when we took missionaries from the Rapid City and Billings missions. The Fort Collins Mission is known in the North American Central area as the mission with poor key indicators and severe disobedience. (I would like to know his source for these facts!) I've seen that culture begin to change, but it was quite the culture shock for the other missionaries. In the time Peter and I spent with the
Sacramento missionaries, they did seem pretty good at fooling around. We have not, however, had a Seventy come and chastise us.
   We did have a fifth Sunday meeting about keeping the Sabbath day holy. That has been the focus of the Quorum of the Twelve and the First Presidency since April conference. We actually had a zone conference where they presented training on how missionaries need to encourage investigators and members to make the Sabbath a holier day.
   I've continued the protein shakes, and I've gained a lot of muscle. When I tell people that I am taking protein, they warn me that if I take them without working out, I'm going to get fat. No one seems to believe that I work out. This week begins week seven of our exercise regimen, and we are still going strong. I'm really proud of my upper body. My core still needs work though. Elder Nielson has lost a ton of weight too. (Good for them!)
   Well, Bishop Dixon is buying us Cafe Rio for dinner on Thursday. Needless to say, I am quite excited. (So much for the exercising!!) We are excited for Scott and Austin, but Charles and Alex we are a bit worried about. Their initial interest seems to be gone. It's interesting, because Scott and Austin are both agnostic, and the others have strong religious backgrounds.
    Well, I am excited to get my birthday wishes and cards. (His birthday is Thursday!)
   This week was a really good week. (Happy day!!) I love you all so much.

Love again,

Elder Andrew Campbell

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