Monday, February 22, 2016

A Slide, a Foam Pit, a Trampoline, a Fully Stocked "Candy Shop", a Theatre Room, a Ski Ball, a Foosball table, Air Hockey, a Crane Machine...a child's dream come true!!

Mother and Father,

   (Got a picture emailed to me from a man in Colorado. This is the story behind that picture...which I will attach.)
   Friday night with the B's was quite magical. First, they had their friends over for a missionary lesson, which was excellent! Their names are A, A, J, and J, and they are so ready to hear and accept the gospel it's just crazy. Their thirteen year old son J felt a personal call towards God a few years ago and began church hopping all by himself. He currently keeps his own Bible collection. (What an awesome kid!!) They even had another LDS family from Broomfield come and
the fellowship was just inspiring. They came to church this week and plan on coming for the three hour block next week. A understood the message of the restoration so well. She began by not knowing what a prophet was, and when We finished the great apostasy, she was like, "Oh! We need God to give us another prophet!" Then we got to see the rest of the B's home. Even the very affluent Saddleback Ward is shocked and amazed by what they have in there. They had a slide, a foam pit, trampoline, fully stocked "candy shop", a theatre room, ski ball, foosball, air hockey, a crane machine(!), and tons more. Mother, if you saw their pantry, you would start crying tears of joy. (My dream...a walk-in pantry.) Oh my goodness, I was in a child's dream come true.
   Shoot, I fell asleep while writing this to you. You will be getting it much later than usual. I am really excited about the temple, especially that it all happens before the end of my mission. (He was just wondering about the Open House and dedication and then it was announced this week. It's being dedicated in October and he comes home in November. YEAH!!) The group that goes home before me will actually be missing the dedication. President Brown still does not know how us missionaries will be involved.
   Dani had a surgery, so we didn't get to see her this week. I love my two brothers so much, but they really fear commitment. 2 Nephi Chapter 4 has been on my mind this week. My goal has been to exponentially increase my smiling this week. Smiling has this weird thing that makes you feel good. I truly relate to Nephi, and his attempts to rejoice, but his shortcomings making it so hard. Alas, his desire to follow the Lord keeps him afloat and he ultimately rejoices in the Lord. Everyone who strives to follow the Lord can make a similar decision. To follow unhappiness is to become mired in the world.


Elder Andrew Campbell

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