Monday, February 8, 2016

The Miracle of Forgiveness

I didn't receive a letter until after 4 pm today...I was thinking I might not get one!)

Mother and Father,

   Yes, we did get a lot of snow. It is melting pretty quickly with the return of warm weather though. I had absolutely no idea that cleaning your tailpipe was a thing you were supposed to do. Asphyxiation did not take place though, so that is a bonus. I will do that next time for sure.
  (Brian shared in church yesterday about Elder Campbell. He told about his Cafe Rio obsession!) It is funny that that is what is shared about me. You can tell that I am having a pretty exciting mission when that is a highlight, haha. This week Brother John came with us to teach Dani and they hit it off really well. I think she is excited to join the church if there are awesome people like Brother John there. We got two less-actives to come to church on Sunday. It was Brendall and his little brother Voran. (I wonder how old they are?) They are very good people. We taught Brendall a lesson yesterday during the Super Bowl because he wasn't going to be watching, and his testimony continues to astound me.
  Something that has been on my mind is the Fort Collins Temple. It is so close to completion but no one knows when it will open. (I will see if I can find anything out.) I have heard speculation from June to mid-Fall. A lot of member missionary
work is based on the new temple, and a lot of people have committed to do something for the open house, but we don't know when it is?!?!
  Alas, part-member families and unbaptized 9+ is not really a big deal here. Our ward is over 70% active and we don't really get in with many less-actives. (That is amazing. It has to be very hard!)
  This week I got permission to read "The Miracle of Forgivenesses" from President Brown. (That is quite the book!) I did still read the Book of Mormon, but I replaced my new study regimen to read The Miracle of Forgiveness so I could discuss it with Elder Pember, who has been reading it. I read the first 150 pages, and President Kimball uses those pages to describe sin in an uncomfortable amount of detail and tell the reader how bad it is. I did enjoy his description of sins of omission, which I have found to be the most prevalent of all sins. For example, he says that the penalty we face for not doing our home teaching or
actively sharing the gospel is much worse than we imagine. (YIKES!!!) In fact, he
claims those sins of omission are really quite heinous. So, that was my round of eyebrow singeing for the week. His descriptions of relief from the grasps of different sins was also quite edifying.
 (I wondered what inspired his companion to go on a mission since everyone in his family was less-active.) Elder Pember said that his Bishop called him into his office one day and asked him if he was serving a mission. He, having recently come back to church, hadn't given it much thought, but he thought it was the right thing to do so he started his mission papers right there.
 (Yay...he got my Valentine's box!!)  I am wearing a pair of the new pants  right now. Thank you so much for them. They are quite nice! I appreciate the healthy foods contained within the package. I really like the meats you put in, so if you're looking for more ideas, beef jerky and the like are very appreciated.
  (I keep forgetting to send him something for Saturday to inspire him and help him to study. I sent something last night. Bad, mom! Bad, mom! And it sounds like he really needs something. I will try to do better.) I did like the meme Saturday is still my worst day by far. It's like I go through with hardly any problems, then boom, I wake up on Saturday and anxiety, depression, and fatigue catch me in a harsh grasp. I do believe that Satan wants us ineffective on Saturday because it's such an effective day for finding.
  The Broncos did, indeed, win the Super Bowl. I am just glad it is over. I run the risk of sounding like a hoity-toity Mormon Boy, but this year it became clear to me that the Super Bowl is a sham and a sad desecration of the Sabbath Day.
   I love you all so much. I pray that my mission service is a blessing to you. (It most certainly is!!)


Elder Andrew Campbell

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