Monday, May 2, 2016

Went to Fort Collins and had Cafe Rio!!

(He had another slow week. He did go to Fort Collins and enjoy his favorite place to eat!!)

Mother and Father,

   This week... I DID go to Fort Collins to get some Cafe Rio!!
   (Next week is Mother's Day so we get to SKYPE!!! I am so excited!! It will be my last Skype as a missionary mom.) We will probably have to Skype after both of our dinners. I get out of church when yours starts. Then if I have dinner at five...that is when you get out. (So, I really don't know when we'll be Skyping...I guess I'll just have to carry my computer around with me!) To answer your question, the Weatherford's daughter is serving in the Brazil Natal mission.
   This week in my studies I got to the book of Mosiah, and I am partially through King Benjamin's speech. I have pondered a lot over the promise of blessings that King Benjamin gives in chapter two. The past view weeks I have been polling people asking them to define what a blessing is. I think my favorite has been: something that helps us progress. When we take into account that many things that help us progress are not always fun or easy, we can see that many blessings are the trials we receive. I believe what makes them such a blessing, is that when we are applying the Atonement of Jesus Christ, these trials will sanctify us, and there we have it, a blessing. So, obedience will bring blessings in many shapes and sizes, and it would be good for us to recognize them. Now if only I could take my own medicine and apply that thought process...!!
   (I sent everyone Cinco de Mayo packages. I went to the local 99 Cents Store and found all kinds of "things"....some more scary than others.) I think I now know why part of Peter's package made him nervous. I just tried to eat the watermelon candy. You also could have sent a May Day package. I like a lot of the stuff. It is quite unorthodox. (HA!! It was quite the assortment!) 
   Thank you so much for thinking and praying about me.


Elder Andrew Campbell

We were on exchanges and we took a selfie with this guy named Heath.
He was way cool! (I have no idea who he is with, but I'm glad he's with way cool, Heath!!)

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