Monday, May 16, 2016

Dr. Dakota's Sleep Well, My Friends!!!

(This week I sent him a special pillow and a chin strap that are supposed to help with sleep apnea issues. I was hoping they would give him some relief.)

Mother and Father,

   This week was really excellent until yesterday. I was just so exhausted and sick feeling that I fell apart again. Alas, not all hope was lost, because I decided to brave the neck pain the chin strap causes and used it all night. Oh my gosh did I sleep well. I woke up asking myself, "What is this energy and overall vitality I'm feeling right now???" It was a unique feeling. (I'll attach the entertaining picture he included.)
   (I found a list of things missionaries should work on to give all of their heart, might, mind, strength and sanity) I liked the list you gave me, but trying to abide by it appears to be another source of anxiety. 
   Hearing about Grandpa's progress makes me very happy. I love American History trivia. (I go every day after work to his rehab and ask him lots of trivia questions. He is GOOD!!) An elder in the zone lost his Grandpa unexpectedly yesterday, and I wanted to do something nice for him so I took him to his favorite place to get wings. It did get kind of pricey, maybe if I could get a little bit of money on my personal card? I just don't want it to get too low and my struggles have made me resort to some money spending. With my improved condition I am resolving to do better at that. (No worries....if you are helping others, we will be happy to help, too)
   (We decided after our Mother's Day phone call that we would have a family fast. We have a lot that we need to be praying for.) I sadly report that I completely forgot about the family fast. It's so embarrassing...I took a shower, ate some breakfast, and looked at my iPad to see your message. I fasted on Sunday so I could participate fully, as well. (Silly boy!)
   Some excellent news this week was that Lidia got baptized in Peru! I will attach a picture! (I will attach it, too!)
   This week we did some tracting, which I always find to be a lot of fun. We met a Chinese man named Hong. I taught him a little bit but he wasn't too interested. Plus, we went on splits with the priests in the ward. We tracted out a neighborhood and met some cool people. We also met some mean people, so they got the whole experience. (And that is a good experience to have.) 
   This week was graduation, so a ton of people descended upon Laramie, and the next day everyone was this place is becoming a ghost town. I guess that's to be expected. The YSA missionaries have entered desperation mode. Fort Collins, Boulder, and Greely are big enough cities to supply plenty of young single adults when school is out, but Laramie is another story. Even in our work...a lot of families are gone as well. Tracting and contacting has yielded dozens of "not homes". I did find a completely good new set of bike tires in an apartment dumpster for my bike. We've been looking for a bike for Elder Davis in the trash because of the mass exodus out of here, but we have had no luck yet. We did find a new referral for the YSA, so I guess dumpster diving is a viable form of proselyting? (What a crack up!) We are still on the lookout for someone to teach, but it will happen soon.
   I pray you are all well and that my improvement brings you hope.


Elder Andrew Campbell

(I'll attach his chin strap picture, his investigator he taught that got baptized in Peru and another friendly cat with Elder Davis.)

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