Monday, May 30, 2016

80 Pounds of Frozen Chicken

(It is transfer week and Elder Campbell is staying in Laramie. He is getting a new companion from Chicago. I hope they work well together. He doesn't have much to say, but he did send two fun pictures.)

Mother and Father,

I'm staying. (I just wish he could get a car!! They have a really big area.)

I'm excited about Rudy's mission call. Please let me know. (I most certainly will. He opens his call at 7:30 PM tonight!)

I got to hold this kitten this week. (Picture is attached.)

We went disc golfing this morning. I didn't know we were going so I was not dressed for the occasion. (This picture made me laugh. He said he and Elder Leavitt won by 1 point.)

We did a big food give-out this week and they gave us 80 pounds of frozen chicken. (What are they going to do with that much chicken...OH MY GOODNESS!)


Elder Andrew Campbell

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