Monday, May 23, 2016

How Faithfully We Focus on Living the Gospel in the Home

(I guess the chin brace isn't doing as much good as I had hoped, but it looks like he's powering through!)

Mother and Father,

   I had one night of euphorically amazing sleep, the one I described to you, and then things normalized themselves. My sleep has been a bit better, I do notice a difference, but exhaustion is still my day to day battle. 
   I got my ballot and holy cow, there is a lot of people running for Senator. I actually know most of the people running for everything else, but how do I begin whittling down those options. (Use a dart board???) also got the gift card and it brought me great joy. (Subway!)
   The Jenny Oaks Baker CD was quite good. (Thank you Dorothy Thompson for the suggestion.)  I have only had the chance to listen to it all the way through once, but I have really liked it. There's a song featuring Condeleeza Rice. That was a surprise! I am very grateful for it. Thank you! (You are most welcome!)
   (My sister and her husband were here from Utah last week. They did a LOT of major cleaning at my parent's house.) Imagining cleaning out the mud room is so frightening. I feel that anyone who has done that has achieved sainthood. (St. Cara and St. David!)
   Laramie really is a ghost town! We have been doing a lot of tracting this week. We did a two hour tracting session in which only three doors opened.(I will attach one of their entertaining tracting pictures.)  Last night we went to the rich portion of our area where everyone was home but they don't know how to say no. It was actually funny to watch people stare at us and close the door. The discomfort we cause them is palpable, haha! It hasn't yielded much teaching. The reason being that we don't really try that hard at the door. There have been times that I don't take no for an answer, and apply a lot of spirit, but I've been so exhausted that no means no. I need to remember that I have been called to teach. And that is my goal at every door. We found another cat while contacting referrals. This one was black and also very friendly. (I will attach that picture, too!)
   My district leader got a concussion this week. He tried to take a jump on his bike on the way to an appointment and crashed and hit his head. (Maybe I'm grateful Andrew is walking.)  He experienced major short term memory loss and much hilarity ensued. I feel kind of bad, but we kept asking him the same questions and had to keep reminding him that he had already received medical attention and a priesthood blessing. He is feeling much better. (Thank goodness!)
   I have been studying the new June Ensign this week. A poignant statement I read from it was this one. “Our success, individually and as a Church, will largely be determined by how faithfully we focus on living the gospel in the home." I know not what else to say about it, other than it is beautifully true.


Elder Andrew Campbell

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