Monday, August 1, 2016

Cafe Rio is Coming to Stockton!

Mother and Father,

   (I sent him the news that we are getting a Cafe Rio in Stockton...which is pretty close to Lodi. Remember, Elder Campbell wants his wedding reception catered by Cafe Rio. This is his reaction to the news.) That is some pretty glorious news you just shared with me. I am pretty stoked. 
   (A sweet sister in Laramie sent me a message that my missionary had spoken and had made them all laugh, but she couldn't remember why. This is what he had to say about that.) I did speak in Sacrament meeting, and the point of humor was that I got dressed this morning and couldn't find my suit coat. So, on the Sunday I was speaking, I went suit-less. I told them how my one job is to get dressed up, and I failed. Don't worry, I know where it is. The talk in general was about getting people to the temple open house. I got so excited I pounded the pulpit. (That would be entertaining!)
   J gets back today, so that should be good. Sister G has a baptismal date of August 19th. We are still working towards that, but we are quite excited that she committed to work for it! They are such a great family. I love going there. We also just met our new investigator R, who was in the YSA ward, but she married a member so it's all us now. She told us that she believes every part of the gospel is true, but her mother doesn't support her getting baptized at all, and she really wants her to be there. Please pray for softening of hearts there. (Will start tonight!)
   This week I read an article in the April 1975 Ensign called, "Atonement: The Only Wholeness", by Arthur Henry King. It was a philosophical review of the human condition in light of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. He talked about how the Atonement makes us "at one" with God, and thus, at one one with our families, our surroundings, and our societies. It was especially interesting when he talked about how sin is a false form of atonement, an attempt to make us at one, but a failure. I don't know if this makes any sense to you, but it makes incredible sense to me. Christ had to perform the Atonement because mankind by itself is fully incapable of achieving absolute unity, and as we've been told, "If ye are not one, you are not mine." I will just say...this is really exciting to me.
  Yesterday in our fifth Sunday meeting, they asked for examples of times when our prayers appeared menial and unimportant, but we recognized it as important to our Heavenly Father. I recounted a time when I had just enjoyed an excellent Papa Murphy's pizza and I was enraptured in its bliss. I was so joyful that I said a prayer thanking Heavenly Father for the gift that is Papa Murphy's pizza. I truly felt the spirit tell me that Heavenly Father was pleased that I chose to share that. The ward found it hilarious, but poignant. Plus, our dinner appointment tonight has already committed to feeding us Papa Murphy's. You could say we scored pretty big. (Such a silly boy!)
   I love you and have a good week.


Elder Andrew Campbell

(No animal pictures this week. Instead, there are two pictures. The first is with the F family and the second is one of just Elder Butler and I. Either he is really skinny or I am really fat. Maybe both. Too much Papa Murphy's, my son!)


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