Monday, August 22, 2016

Heading to the Chimney Rock Ward in Scottsbluff, Nebraska!!

Mother and Father,

   (He's getting transferred!!) Well, here are the details! I am leaving Laramie! I have been assigned to be a trainer and a district leader and I will be serving in the Chimney Rock Ward of Scottsbluff, Nebraska. (I am so excited. Now we can visit three states next summer on our road trip visiting his mission!) So much for being
done with leadership. President McMurray said that when I see him to pick up my new missionary, he will give me the interviews for the temple and BYU. I'm excited for my new district as well. Also serving in Scottsbluff will be an elder from England and he is training a new missionary, too. We'll also have a senior couple serving in my district! I believe Fort Laramie is in the Torrington Ward where they serve, so I may be able to fulfill Dad's request and go see it. (But now Brian says he has LOTS more requests for him. HA!)
   The G's seemed to really like the Fort Collins Temple Open House. Brother G said he hopes he can be sealed to his wife there next year. We'll see how she feels about that. My companion's investigator in their ward committed to be baptized on September 17th, so that's exciting!
   My ward is going to be covered by Elder W and a new missionary, and he will be covering the Overland Trail Ward right next to us.(I love the names of these pioneery!)  I feel good about it, because Elder W had two trainers who both were assistants to the president, and I hear he is pretty good as well. Our mission has 31 new missionaries coming in this transfer (WOW!), a little less than half of the mission is going to train. I am really excited for my district, which will have four missionaries in training. It includes Scottsbluff, Sidney, Alliance, and
Torrington, Wyoming.
   Some elders on their departing temple trip brought down my birthday box.(Yay!) I opened it and ate a few things, but the wrapped gifts are waiting for my birthday. (Sept. baby will be 21!) Thank you so much for the awesome stuff!
   Also, we saw S again this week and went to the dump to unload stuff with him. He talked about his interest in dream psychology and its spiritual aspects. I told him that First Nephi is about dreams and then he got really excited. I think he is really going to read it now!
   All right, I'm going to work on getting you some good pictures. Thank you for all you do!


Elder Andrew Campbell

He attached a lot of pictures. There is even a very silly video. I will see if I can attach them all or if I'll have to send some in another email. .

1. Maybe the G family?
2. Half of the zone.
3. Elder L, going home this transfer.
4. K, his companion, when he didn't have any companions.
5. Elder J...backing like a champ. He left for Australia today.
6. A silly video of Elder J talking to cows.

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