Monday, August 8, 2016

Complex Carbohydrates Are the Name of the Game For Our Health!!

Mother and Father,

   (Sadly, Elder Campbell's companion is going home due to severe depression. It's a real problem with missionaries. There is a lot of stress. I hope he enjoyed his time with our son.) This whole week has really been a build-up to Elder B going home. He is still with me, but we're just waiting for the call from President McMurray telling him when he is getting picked up. I just sent an email to President McMurray that I needed those two things. (He needs a new temple recommend and an ecclesiastical endorsement to get back into BYU.)
   On Saturday we had a huge wood chopping party. We chopped about 16 cord in total. I think that's what someone told me. Apparently, the snow will be coming soon here and people get ready pretty early. So, we got a lot of free food and chopped a ton of wood for people. I was really sore yesterday. (Good exercise!)
   (Andrew s still dealing with health issues.) I had another meeting with Brother J on Friday. He, President McMurray, and I got things figured out after our last meeting. He said it is likely that I have some form of sleep apnea, but my neck wedge is helping there.(Hallelujah!) But, most of my problems are likely stemming from other sources. He said I have the fun opportunity of having a body that is very sensitive to what happens to it. (That is so true! That's why he always wore sunglasses. His eyes are very sensitive to light. I wonder if it has anything to do with his autoimmune disease, vitiligo??) So, if I take my medication at the wrong time, or eat what I shouldn't, I suffer immediate effects. This is evidenced by the health boost I experienced when I controlled my medication times. Our current goal is improving my diet. He explained a way I could actually lose weight, and I truly have been doing it all wrong. Sorry, I've just been stressed about the situation and not worrying about my mouth guard at all. (I sent a mouth guard that is supposed to help with sleep apnea. USE IT, son!!!!)
   J actually texted us yesterday, but I haven't been able to see him yet. R is still doing really well, but nothing has changed there.(But I will keep praying for her mother to have a change of heart.) We had a fun lesson where we role-played them inviting people to the temple open-house. Sister G is still progressing and awesome. (YAY!!)
   So, I am probably going to be in a trio with another companionship in the zone. The jury is still out on who, where, and when though. Wish I could tell you more! (Next week!)
   Brother J said complex carbohydrates are the name of the game for my health, so anything whole grain would be appreciated in my birthday box. You are too good to me. (So whole wheat bread and pasta for his birthday?? That sounds kind of dull. Any suggestions, friends and family members??)


Elder Andrew Campbell

(Picture #1) After teaching the G's for over a month, their cat finally let me pet it.

(Picture #2) Me with Elder P, my mission brother serving in the zone. He had a scholarship to play football at USC but they revoked it when he went on his mission. He just told me Elder Moala signed with BYU.

(Picture #3) with Elder D. The zone leaders were having a meeting when we had appointments so I got to see some friends.

(Picture #4) Elder C!

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