Monday, August 15, 2016

Going to Visit the Fort Collins Colorado Temple!!

Mother and Father,

  (I heard that Elder Campbell's companion was heading home early, so I wasn't sure where he was going to be moved and who he would be with. Here's the answers.....)  As a matter of fact, I am in Laramie. I don't have much time to email you though because I am going to the temple today. That's right, they gave the missionaries a chance to go! We get to go as long as we bring an investigator, and the Gs are coming! (I am so excited for him!! This is the brand new Fort Collins, CO Temple!)
   I am now in a trio in the Snowy Range ward. We cover West Laramie which is kind of the old, run-down part of town. The area has approximately two paved roads. It's a change coming from Ridgeview, otherwise known as "Richview". We are covering both areas right now. (That should keep him busy!!)  My companions are Elder Underwood and Elder Jeong. Elder Jeong was born in Korea and lived in Toronto, Canada and is a visa waiter for the Sydney, Australia North Mission. He just got his visa and he leaves next Monday. Elder Underwood is his trainer. Elder Underwood is from Southern Illinois and joined the church in high school. He has a fiery desire to be a missionary that is fun to be with. He actually lived in Heritage Halls Building 30 during the Summer of 2013. He said he remembers seeing me there. You can send my package to the same address, I get to check that box every few days. (His birthday is September 3, but I'm nervous about sending a package where he doesn't live anymore. I'm trying to figure out when transfers are. I might just have to be brave and send it.)
   (He needs a new temple recommend and an ecclesiastical endorsement to get back into BYU.) President McMurray simultaneously answered my question and gave me a transfer hint. He said he could give me the interviews when I see him on transfer day. That means I should be headed to the mission office for that. (Maybe I will send his birthday box to the mission office!!) 
   Sister G is still progressing well and coming to the temple today. J...has fallen off the earth. R came to church and substituted in Primary, so that's exciting. You should call Sister C back. She is an old woman who is not a member but loves the missionaries. (She called me last week and left me a sweet message saying how much she loved my son and all the missionaries who visit with her. She's 88 years old!) We also have an awesome progressing investigator in the Snowy Range ward named S. She is fully converted like R but is afraid of her family's reaction, like R. Please pray for those people, S as well. We have been so busy holding down both areas.    Something exciting we did was go contacting less-actives in Centennial and Woods Landing. I saw some really pretty sites. It's not all forest but there are also some pretty valleys. We didn't have much luck except for finding some people had moved.
   I am proud of Dad for his truck. (Brian got a brand new Ford pickup truck for work. It's BEAUTIFUL!!) On my mission I have learned how much I loved my F-150 back home. Fords are great! (Well, "his" Ford was bought by his brother, Peter, so he will have to drive our Silverado when he gets home.)  I'm excited for the kitchen as well. (I've been sending him kitchen upgrades. It will be a new kitchen when he gets home.) All right, I need to go get ready for the temple.


Elder Andrew Campbell

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